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Creating  the Future
Generation of Players



Real Futbol Club is a travel soccer club in Kennett Square, Pennsylvania and was founded in 2020 by the director of coaching, David Ramirez.


Our mission is to help the underprivileged youth players within the community to play at a competitive level and increase their soccer skills using coach David's philosophy. Our players are taught the necessary tools needed to play the sport and compete at a higher level. The majority of the youth in our community do not have access to play in a travel club and struggle to participate in their school’s soccer team.


Real FC takes pride in encouraging our players and help them develop life skills such as respect, responsibility and accountability. Not only will they challenge one another to compete at their very best, but also build and establish life-long friendships. When you join Real FC, you are more than a player, you are part of a community; a community that learns together, grows together. 


"Creating the Future Generation of Players through hard work, passion and dedication"  


Meet Our Coaches

Coach Ramirez.jpg

Director of Coaching

 Founder of Real FC Wolves.  

"Soccer is a huge part of my life. The passion for the sport has driven me to become a coach and create a pathway for young players aspiring to play competitive."

"My mission is to help the youths within our community by providing quality training and player development."

Coach Jose L..JPG

Jose Luis

"Coaching is a very rewarding job which I am highly passionate about."

"As a coach, I have the opportunity to teach life-long lessons to the players and help build their personal self- confidence, which travels with them both in and off the field."

Coach Leyla.HEIC


"As a coach, I want to help develop future generations of players as they grow and become the best version of themselves. I enjoy working with the younger groups in both Real FC and Philadelphia Union Youth." 

"My favorite part of coaching is being there to see the small achievements of every player. It could be that it's their first goal or it's the first time passing the ball. However big or small the achievements, I will always be proud of all of my players." 



"Soccer is my passion since I was a kid, I am blessed to have the opportunity to teach the young generations the importance of teamwork, leadership, patience, and discipline. I look forward to help them achieve their full potential with confidence and respect for one another."

"Success is no accident. It is hard work, preserverence and most of all, love of what you are doing or learning to do" - Pele


Thank You 


312 West State Street

Kennett Square, PA 19348





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